🥊 We’re proud to present our 3rd round of the Champs Boxing Academy! 🥊

Our resident boxing expert, Alex, will work with you over a six week block, helping you learn the fundamentals of boxing. 

The program will teach you to implement the right technique when it comes to pad-work, punching, footwork & combos, as well as all the necessary fitness elements!

Round 3 will continue on Wednesdays, 6.00AM in the studio and will be suitable for those who have taken part in Round 1 or 2!
​​​​​​​Sessions begin July 6, and spots are limited so get in quick!

Week One - Boxing Fundamentals

Week Two - Footwork and Fitness

Week Three - Defensive manoeuvres

Week Four - Shadow Boxing

Week Five - Light Sparring

Week Six - Bring it all together! 🥊💪🏼

The Boxing Academy is available free of charge to all of our Studio or Elite memberships.
If you are on a gym membership and wish to take part, please let us know and we will talk to you about our best options for upgrading!
Bookings are for the entire six week period, as classes are designed as a progression from the last.
Round 3 will allow for participants from the first or second academy's to take part without repeating the basics.
Thank you! We'll be in touch with all the information shortly! 🥊🥊
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