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Front Desk // Chief Cheerleader

Bex comes from a family of 7, having 4 brothers. Growing up this led her to get involved in every sport under the sun. I played Rugby, Touch, Netball, Hockey, Basketball, Tag/Rippa Rugby. I then started refereeing Touch rugby.

Bex found her love for the gym/weightlifting when she was 14. She always loving finding new training styles. Her most recent discovery is her love for Boxing!

Bex left school knowing in the future she wanted to pursue a career in the Police force, but to gain some 'life experience' she decided to train  as a qualified nanny with the intention of living/working in Europe in 2020...
Favorite Quote
"Believe you can and you're halfway there"  - Theodore Roosevelt

Interesting Fact
Bex likes to keep herself busy in her downtime, which has led her to become a qualified nail technician, as well as other hobbies such as making earrings/ sculptures out of clay.

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