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Owner // Personal Trainer // Studio Coach
Ed is the co-owner and top dog here at Champs Fitness.

Ed has a strong interest in fitness combined with a management degree and way too many years experience in corporate, commercial and management roles.  In 2017 the urge to go to the gym every day was greater than the desire to go to the office so Champs Fitness began.

With many years of playing, coaching and refereeing football, and previously training as a group fitness instructor and completing a Personal Training Qualification this crazy career change allowed him to share his passion for health and fitness with others.  

Now Ed splits his time between training clients, his own fitness and workouts and running the business - often heard to say that he doesn't work anymore, just goes to the gym everyday.
Favorite Quote
Sequitur Somnia - follow your dreams

Interesting Fact
Ed is proud to have owned over 60 cars since he started driving at 16!

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