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Front Desk // Chief Trouble Maker
Hugo is a student at the University of Auckland and currently studying a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Physiology with the department of medical and health science (BSc).

He moved to New Zealand in 2011 and is originally from Wiltshire in the United Kingdom.

Health and fitness has always been a passion of his and he tries to keep making a 1% improvement every day. Outside of work and studies you will find Hugo in the gym or watching sports.

Hugo is an avid Manchester United fan and could be dubbed a professional spectator.

He lives locally just on Glover Park so if you bump into him feel free to say hello!
Favorite Quote
Mens Sana In Corpore Sano – ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body'

Interesting Fact
Hugo's favorite movie is Gladiator and his first job was as a bartender at the Churchill Club!

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