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Personal Trainer // Studio Coach
One of our newest trainers, Lance is anything but new to health & fitness. He brings with him over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry and joins the Champs team with a wealth of knowledge!

As well as Personal Training at Champs, and running a few of our Studio classes, Lance is also Head Trainer at F45 Massey.

Lance has a varied background as a successful personal trainer, group fitness instructor at multiple facilities across the nation and also has worked to help rehabilitate the country's less fortunate in Corrections as an officer and gym instructor. Lance aims to help everyone improve their life where he can!

Going through his own fitness journey, he has the tools to help you in many aspects of the fitness game whether it's to lose weight, build some muscle, become fitter, looking for a better quality of life or even a little bit of boxing, he wants to help you!
What you can expect from Lance's Studio Classes?
You can expect a bit of fun with the bonus of working out, pushing yourself as much as you can!

What can people expect from your training sessions?
Lance's training sessions are tailor made for you, so you can expect to get the results you are looking for.

What inspires Lance?
People trying their best.

Favourite Quote
Blood, Sweat and Respect, the first two you give, the last one you earn.

Interesting Fact
As well as a personal trainer, I have dabbled in several other jobs such as Butcher, Dairy Farming, Business Starter, Corrections Officer, Sales Rep and more.
I also don’t like to brag but I’m pretty average at handstands!

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