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Personal Trainer // Studio Coach
Nas is passionate about holistic health, well-being and fitness, here to inspire, motivate and bring change by adding wellness and vitality to your life.

Nas has worked professionally as a Personal Trainer for over 16 years and has been in the fitness industry for more than 25 years. She takes on a holistic approach to her work and recognises that every individual is different. It is her aim to ensure you are always provided with the correct personalized program to help you achieve results in relation to your realistic goals.

Nas understands that everyone has special circumstances which impact their lives. She can offer you an empathetic, yet encouraging and motivating plan. Nas has trained a diverse range of clients helping them to achieve their full potential through educating and supporting them with their personal fitness and health goals, making each session challenging and fun. She can offer you assessments (posture, core and movement) and collects data that helps evaluate your specific needs.

She believes the power of the mind and the will of the body are both equally strong and important and that they work in synergy together.
Favorite Quote
“You don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great!” - Les Bronti

Interesting Fact
I am from the UK and have backpacked 6 countries from UK to NZ for 4 months.
My favourite experience is Trekking for 14 days in the Himalayas.

I love diving, snorkelling and fishing and belong to a tramping group.

I became a personal trainer after recovering from a serious car accident in order to look after myself for years to come.

Personal Trainer Certified
CHEK Exercise Coach Certified
HLC1 Holistic Lifestyle Coach Certified
Trigger Point (soft tissue release) & Corrective Stretching
Basic Mat Pilates Certified
Power Plate Certified
Spinning Instructor Certified
Reiki Practitioner
First Aid Certified

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