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Personal Trainer // Studio Coach
'I am passionate and compassionate... to inspire and to motivate... to bring change and improve lives... creating wellness’

Nas has worked professionally as a Personal Trainer for 10 years and has been in the fitness industry for 20 years. Nas takes on a holistic approach to her work and recognises that every individual is different. It is her aim to ensure you are always provided with the correct personalized program to help you achieve results in relation to your realistic goals. – Nas understands that everyone has special circumstances which impact their lives. She can offer you an empathetic, yet encouraging and motivating plan – Nas has trained a diverse range of clients helping them to achieve their full potential through educating and supporting them with their personal fitness and health goals, making each session challenging and fun. She can offer you assessments and questionaries to collect data, to evaluate what your specific needs are. She believes the power of the mind and the will of the body are both equally strong and important and work in synergy together.
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