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Personal Trainer // Studio Coach
Sean loves to help people improve themselves. He doesn't consider what he does as being "work" because he basically gets to hang out in a playground and help people do things they never considered as possible!

Sean has been a Personal Trainer around the Eastern Bays area for 15 years. During that time he has worked with a wide range of clients with great success.

Sean is passionate about helping people improve the quality of their lives and attain goals, and thrives on a challenge. He likes to work with the clients individual needs in order to provide workouts that are functional, varied challenging and fun.

When training with Sean, youu can expect process driven specificity. He's all about creating and individual focus, it is PERSONAL training after all. You can also count on some excellent banter!

Sean also has a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation & a Level 1 Sports & Conditioning Qualification!

Favorite Quote
Do the Mahi, get the treats!

Interesting Fact
Sean's first job was as a pin setter in a ten pin bowling centre (you knock them down, he set's them up)
He also make a decent lemon meringue pie!

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