Champs Studio is a new group fitness experience. With a range of classes throughout the week, there's something for everyone at our Studio.

We keep our Studio classes small & intimate, bringing that personal training feel to your group fitness experience.

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Get fitter, tone up and have fun in this 45 minute high tempo, group cycling class. Our instructors will take you on the ride of your life, over hills, energizing sprints with the fun and excitement of a race day.
This 30-40 minute fitness class is fun, motivating and challenging. Bodyweight and light equipment training working all major muscle groups while gaining a significant cardiovascular blast. HIIT - high intensity interval training is working at a higher heart rate for specific time frames separated by efforts at lower intensities, well known for it’s fat burning potential and impressive ability to get you in the best shape of your life.
These classes and teaching follow the hatha style of yoga, incorporating the elements of asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing) and meditation.  They are focused on creating space, strength and stability for each person, meeting each person where they are at.  The aim is not to perfect the posture, but to connect in with the posture, and through this your body, mind and spirit.   The class would suit beginner to intermediate levels.
An express 15 -20 minute class. A strong core will not only help you look and feel slimmer, it's essential to preventing back pain and injury. This quick class will ensure you're working your abs correctly and it’s a perfect addition to your cardio or weights workout.
Full body, 30 minute athletic stretch & mobility workout.
Restore is our functional mobility, stretch and recovery workout. This is an active low intensity workout that'll have you feeling energised and keep your body performing at its best. Treat your body, you know you need it.
Saturday morning Sweat! A slightly longer 45 minute Sweat Session to kick off your weekend. Taking the best movements from the week, we mix up strength, cardio and fun challenges to push you to the next level! Using a wide range of exercises, using both equipment and just your body-weight , you'll leave this one with nothing left in the tank. Great tunes, awesome vibes & heaps of fun - this one's all about that post workout high!
Join our instructor Jacqui for Pilates. This class is a full body workout, working from your core outwards and incorporates small equipment such as bands, circles and balls. Pilates will help you improve in everything you do from the ability to recover from injury, to getting up out of a chair or running a marathon. It is suited to all ages and abilities. Improve your posture, body alignment and gives a great core workout. Leave the class feeling taller and more drawn in around your waistline.
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