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Personal Trainer // Studio Coach
Alex's passion for physical training started when he was in school with rugby, water polo and boxing, and continued in to his professional career in the New Zealand army for 6 years!

Alex changed over to drain-laying, another physically demanding role and during that time also completed his level 3 & 4 Certificates in Personal Training, currently also continuing his education with a diploma in business!

Alex has skills and expertise in strength training, cardio, boxing and even Crossfit, and is excited to help as many people as he can achieve their goals!
What you can expect from Alex's Studio Classes?
A positive energy from someone who is there to go through it with you, it's a team effort after all!

What can people expect from your training sessions?
Alex will help you set realistic goals, and give you that extra push you need to get there!

What inspires Alex?
Seeing people push past their own mental and physical blocks.

Favourite Quote
"Champions don’t stop when it hurts, they stop when it’s done."

Interesting Fact
Alex is know by his nicknames, Ghost or GG. He also has a keen interest in Formula 1 and loves his family of German Shepherds!

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